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Virtual Staging

Technology has once again made itself useful in the real estate business through the use of 3D rendering in staging or presenting homes. Its use of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) makes it flexible when staging a home that catches your buyer’s attention almost instantly.

Did you know that 90% of buyers nowadays resort to the internet when looking up properties they want to consider according to the National Association of Realtors report. This is way easier and eases the minds of both the buyers and sellers of real estate. Since, for sellers, there is no need to spend too much on dressing a physical room, house, unit or any other project. This is also helpful for buyers who don’t have the time and luxury to be physically present at the project site and can be limited to just looking at blank interiors.

What is Virtual Staging?

Virtual Staging is basically traditional home staging except done on a computer. It is usually executed on empty houses that need furnishings to look much more realistic and homely. It also helps architects and designers stage their designs in an accurate representation of what their clients want for their projects. With the current technological advancements giving 3D renderings and CGIs looking more real than ever, it helps buyers visualize their future homes at their finished state.

Virtually staged properties get the upper hand in the real estate industry since a majority of prospective clients utilize the internet. In which, 85% of them put a great deal on the photos when viewing online listings, based on the experience of professionals in the industry.

The Perks of Virtual Staging

  • Proven to catch attention and sell faster
  • Boosts traditional home staging by giving it a virtual upgrade
  • Increases profits more than presenting vacant homes or lots
  • Is cost effective than physical staging
  • Creates realistic pictures or renders of the actual room or house
  • Homes can be virtually staged faster, with some even before construction


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How can virtual staging benefit real estate agents?

• Economic – Virtual staging is much cheaper than traditional staging since you don’t have to spend on furniture and designers to dress up a place, which you would soon be taking off again and set up at a different location.
• Executable – It is easier to work on the same project with different designs in mind. Virtual staging gives you the flexibility you need to either create multiple looks that cater to different buyers and their preferences, as well as the use of different furnishings, all in one project. This wouldn’t be as tiring as lifting furniture or moving them around the place.
• Efficient – There is no need to rent nor buy furniture when selling a place. All you need are pictures of your empty property and the professionals can do the rest.
• Effective – Virtual staging proves to be much more effective in the sales industry since it sells properties at a higher rate than vacant lots or empty houses. Virtually staged properties catch the buyer’s attention quickly than blank spaces.