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The 3D Architect – Changing The Game With The 3D Perspective

For an untrained eye, it is quite difficult to visualize the finished look of a building before it is constructed. The client may have certain requirements, a particular look that he wants for his house or building. He may not able to communicate his ideas and expectations effectively. It is also possible that many of his expectations might get lost between his explanation and the interpretation of the engineers. The final constructed house could look absolutely different from what the client had expected, leaving him unsatisfied and unhappy. An unhappy customer can never be good for any business.

We at the 3D Architects attempt to bridge the gap between what the customers actually want and what the architect finally provides. The images rendered by us are highly realistic and ensure clarity and coherence of the expectation and the interpretations. We are a vibrant team. Our passion for the technology translates into the high quality renders which are truly 3d perspective that resonates with the client’s expectations.

The experience of each one of us is sure to impress anyone. The process we follow is extremely effective. We keep the customers involved in all the stages of the production. We interact with the customers to get a clear idea of their requirements and then quickly prepare a prototype or a basic render. This is a well thought out procedure and certainly a great idea welcomed by all our customers. The customer is able to get a realistic feeling and also is able to suggest changes or additions. Once the prototype is approved, we then work our magic and create a final high quality rendition with which the customer is sure to be happy. In the extremely unlikely case of a customer still not being satisfied, we willingly rework on their renders. It is because we and also our leadership team truly believe that such challenges help to bring out the best in us, enable us to realize our potential.

Here are some example render we’ve done for one of our client that shows the realism of our works.

As one glances through the 3D renders created by us, it would be evident that we love our work. We are attentive to the details right to the depiction of the shadow with respect to the position of the light, the slight reflection on glasses. We even bring out the effect of seeing through a glass for a natural effect. We play with light and shadow, the intensity and minimalistic colours to produce elegant and classy themes. We also offer photo montage 3D rendering by which the created design is integrated with a real photo of the site. It makes the renders lifelike, even cuts down costs.
We are not just focussed on the construction and architecture; we also develop 3D prototypes of various other products, ranging from shampoo bottles to automobiles. One can develop multiple designs of the product, analyse and then choose the design to actually manufacture. It helps in reducing the cost of constructing all the designs under consideration. It can also be used for marketing the products.

Does that mean that we the 3D architects are better than their competitors? Definitely! One look at our website would make it apparent. While the competitors seem to be reluctant to give away information on their processes, the technology that is used, we do not shy away. We clearly mention our processes, the technology that we use to create the renders. We work transparently and assure that there are no hidden charges unlike the others. Working with us, therefore is quite a pleasure, so confirm our loyal customers.
No wonder, we, the 3D Architects are increasingly becoming the most sought after designers in Australia.

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