3D Rendering Software (Best 11 List With Prices)

The tools of an artist play an important part in providing a great output.  You will need to combine with a package in this list with the best 3d modelling software. The user interface is not just the key element to consider but also the flexibility, the speed, the materials available and of course affordability matter when it comes to making those models come closer to reality. Below is a list of the top paid 3D rendering software that may be able to help an artist decide on which tool to choose.

Corona renderer

It boasts of being CPU based, having speed and definitely user-friendly. Users have noted how the support of this software is very responsive too. It has deep integration with 3Ds Max and easily process migration from other renderers. It has its own set of lights but also supports most standard lights.

Price: EUR289.99/yearly or EUR24.99/monthly https://corona-renderer.com

Twin motion

The recent software update now has VR compatibility. It also has direct synchronization with ARCHICAD and Revit. The simple interface makes it easy to switch through seasons, weather, sounds, lighting, etc.

Price: EUR2640


It has a drag and drop function, well classified materials and also has a CPU based engine which allows one to run multiple programs simultaneously. It also allows a Save as Package which lets a user share the files easily with other Keyshot users. It can provide particular details such as skin, metal and even dust on a surface.

Price: $1995 USD https://www.keyshot.com/


It has a simple interface, noted as exceptionally fast and allows users to quickly modify models without much hassle. It can pretty much transform models into realistic renders almost instantly. This makes it a lot easier to present to visuals faster.

Price: $1740 USD https://lumion.com/


Modo provides a well-designed workflow and user interface. It allows the user to customize the platform which makes it comfortable for users. This results to efficient yet quality work output. It also has free render nodes versus others which come for a fee. Note though that noise reduction though is not one of its strengths.

Price: $1799 USD


It has a powerful set of tools and lots of choices for materials and textures. It is one of those with the lowest price tags which can run on multi platforms whether MS, Apple Mac or Linux. It has three sections for its working area and allows a view of each change made. This makes it efficient to see what the final output would look like.

Price: $399 USD https://home.otoy.com

Solidworks Visualize

It’s a standalone program that can run without the full Solidworks package. It is easy for anyone to use who’s just starting out. It has the capability of rendering camera and appearance animations.

Price: $1830 USD

Indigo Render

It has been noted for near-perfect image realism and also offering realistic previews. This is because of the complex lighting capabilities it has to offer. The advanced physical camera model makes it able to provide superb image quality. It could just take some time for a user to familiarize as the interface may be a bit challenging.

Price: $835 USD https://www.indigorenderer.com/

Thea Render

Sketchup users love this as it enables them to quickly have a view of the render even while still editing the model. It even has a large window preview for both materials and textures. It is powered through a CPU+GPU based engine. This is another favorite for being able to efficiently work through tight deadlines.

Price: $340 USD https://www.thearender.com/


It’s all about simplicity for this software. Learning curve isn’t something to worry about when using Enscape. It has integration with Sketchup and Revit. From a few clicks any user would be able to see the render image and easily sync and utilize Revit materials. Saving the output and printing it off becomes a breeze due to it’s real-time function.

Price: $449 USD https://enscape3d.com/


It has a comprehensive set that individual artists and professional teams would be able to get quality images from. It is one of those that offer the most realistic features. This is our tool of choice for our 3d rendering service. It also has adaptive lights algorithm that will let you adjust glare and lighting for a better final output.

Price: $750 USD Website: https://www.chaosgroup.com


There is definitely a lot to choose from. While one may be better than another, we can try different tools to our liking and select whichever feels more comfortable for us. Because what’s more important is that we are able to deliver to our clients. We should be able to better communicate our ideas to them by enabling ourselves along with technology to make excellent creations.

If you are looking to outsource as a freelancer check out this guide on what 3D rendering prices you should be charging.

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