Architectural Visualisation At An Affordable Price

Architectural Visualisation

The term architectural visualisation is used when a visual is created to portray a pre-existing building so your clients can see what their future building will look like. We can create a visual of any type of structure whether it be a house, shopping centre, office block, hospital, apartment complex and any other type of building structure you can think of.

The 3D Architects friendly staff can help you produce the images you need for your project visit our contact page to get in touch!

3D architectural rendering is one of the important tool for your marketing strategies.

How to get started?

The best way to get the ball rolling is to send us the details outlining what you require along with any files you think will help us give you your quote. Don’t worry, if we need extra details our friendly staff will be in touch.

We will then provide you a no obligation quote letting you know the price and the turnaround time for your architectural visualisations. If you are happy we will send you through an invoice.

Once the initial 50% deposit has been made we will work our magic and produce you with your photo realistic 3D renderings. It is as simple as that

Creative 3D Visuals!

Want architectural visualisations that stands out? We are the company for you! The majority of our images are provided for clients looking for 3D Rendering in Sydney. We have also served 100s of clients and offices in other major cities such as Perth. The 3D Architect is composed of multi-skilled and trained professionals who love to think outside the box when they are working.

Our 3D design experts can help you and your projects to look just the way you want them to be. We will turn your boring black and white plans in to your key marketing tool. You name it we’ll do it.


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“Our artistic flare and designing abilities will surely add more spice to your images.  We add our extra eye catching touch to every single image we produce whether it is small or big.

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“Our job is to provide you the best 3D renders while making your transaction as stress-free as possible. We are always honest and are always striving to improve our service for you.”

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“Our experience improves not only the quality of our service but also how we deliver it. We know what you need and we try to address it even before you say it.”

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Benefits of Architectural 3D Services

Today, architectural visualisation is more than a necessity for any project. It’s an important backbone for any structural project and definitely something that many designers and architects can’t live without.

  • 1. Modern and clearer presentation

  • Presenting an idea or vision to clients is one of the most challenging part of being an architect, because it’s hard to make clients visualise things the way you see it. Presentation is a critical step to getting that resounding yes from a customer. Communication is an essential part of any project so you need to make sure that you convey your ideas across clearly to avoid any miscommunications with the client and even the contractors.

    Hand drawn materials were the next best thing that you can use before to present your design to a client. As amazing as they are to do, they’re not an effective communication tool and some clients may have a hard time grasping the idea you’re trying to convey.

    We have noticed with Melbourne architectural visualisation stakeholders, there’s less effort to make your client visualise the same thing you see. It’s easier to go through a more detailed information of your design and another plus thing is, you don’t even have to spend hours making a scale model that you won’t even have any use for after.

  • 2. Remodelling is faster and easier

  • Technology is one of the greatest gifts mankind has ever received. It’s certainly made things a lot easier, and architecture and design are no exemptions. With 3D modelling, any changes to the plans are easily identifiable and implemented. You can just work on the existing file that you have, apply the changes, and send to the client for approval. All before the construction phase even begins.

    You can forget the days where you have to redraw everything just to show the changes. With a digital data on hand, modification is made faster and easier.

  • 3. More effective marketing

  • Digital marketing is in, printed materials is (almost) out. With architectural visualisation, architects can easily showcase their portfolios and attract more clients on their website, even before any of their project is finished.

    Real estate marketing also heavily relies on 3D rendering as a tool for selling off-the-plan properties. This makes it easier for them to attract future home-owners and get the funding they need to finish the construction.

  • 4. Virtual Reality is the future of advertising

  • Technology is ever changing, so we really can’t say what lies ahead of us. But virtual reality is slowly becoming the future and there’s a big chance that it’s going to be used for advertising, design and architecture. Just imagine the possibility of constructing and rotating buildings, and applying changes in real time, by just flicking your hands in the air a la Tony Stark.

    With virtual reality technology, selling a project will be a breeze. Clients will have the capability of ‘experiencing’ the proposed outcome and seeing it just exactly like the architect’s perspective.
    The industry has truly changed since the birth of 3D modelling. Language barriers are no longer a hindrance in the completion of a project, accuracy is no longer a major issue, and ideas are now easily conveyed to clients and contractors.