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3D Rendering Prices and Cost

3D Rendering Prices: Decoding The Highs And Lows

While marketing your projects using architectural 3D rendering, you will often be asked questions pertaining to the final price because as popular as the concept might have become, this incredible marketing tool is still quite unpredictable as far as prices are concerned. In any given rendering, all that a client generally look for high quality and good customer service at a low price.

If you are a potential buyer, you will need to express your priorities to the 3d rendering company in order to get a quote from them and you will also need to look into their previous work to identify if your needs will be met. Not all rendering companies produce high quality renders and hence their prices might come across as cheap and affordable. The reality of the rendering world is generally that better the quality, higher the prices.

Standard 3d Rendering Cost:

The 3d Architects prices vary depending on how much work is involved, the size of the final 3d render, the details supplied to us and scope of work.  If multiple images of the same room are required, the 3D rendering price may be reduced more towards the lower send of the guide below.

3D Rendering Prices
3D Render View Cost
Exterior – Residential $300-$1000
Exterior – Commercial (small) $500-$1000
Exterior – Commercial (Large) $1000-$2750
Interior – Residential $300-$750
Interior – Commercial $400-$1500
3D Floorplans $75-$600*
2D coloured Floorplans $50-$500*
2D black and white floorplans $25-$300*

*The price for floor plans can change dramatically depending on the files supplied by the customer.

The Main Cost Components

Whether you are developing a large or small project, there are a few main pricing components are bound to affect your budget.

  • Labour involved
    • Understand clients brief & changes
    • Modelling
    • Texturing
    • Lighting and camera
    • Post production
  • Size of the image
  • What files, materials, reference images & brief supplied
  • Deadlines

If you are expecting multiple detailed and complex renders, there is every possibility that labour costs will shoot up because better work will require more skilled and experienced labour.

Additionally, while labour is a factor, the time taken for the servers to use computational power to compute the render is also a concern; more so for the rendering company because it adds to the costs. The point here is that rendering high quality large sized images for a billboard takes a very powerful computer and it takes a long time. The reason for this is that the computer has to compute more data, polygons and pixels to produce the final image.

The files the client submits is key to keeping the costs down. If you submit a very clear brief with a 3d model, reference images and style of render you want, obviously the price will be much lower as less work is involved. However, if your brief is not clear the designers expect the worst and that changes will be plentiful and they have to calculate this in to the cost.

Deadlines. If the 3D team has to work overtime to complete the render prices will increase. Additionally, deadlines are important not only for cost but also for the quality of your render. If the job needs to be done in 72 hours, the labour invested in the project will be less. This can result in lower quality.

The 5 things that you must remember:

As mentioned earlier, there is an extensive range of prices that 3D rendering companies could charge you, irrespective of whether you are a buyer or a developer. Affordability cannot be ruled out when it comes to making the final decision. However, there are a few factors to consider while judging the price quoted by the companies:

  • Standard pricing is impossible in this industry, so beware of whoever tries to lure you with a high rates and hasn’t seen your project files yet.
  • Provide as much clear information when seeking a quote and even more after you have agreed to work with a 3d company. This will allow the team to be able to create your visual exactly as you imagine.
  • With enormous competition, companies attempting to mislead clients are rampant. If you find a company which tries to sell you a decent looking image at impossibly cheap prices, try cross-questioning them or asking for previous records. Many overseas companies tend to have stock images that they use to mislead customers into buying their services.
  • Picking a company that has good customer service and communication skills is a must. This will relieve you of the repeated revisions that you might have to make if you end up choosing the cheaper options.
  • The difference between $700 AUD and $2000 AUD might not be visible to the naked eye initially, but when you dig deeper, factors like communication, quality control, skill levels, frequency of revisions and perfection of the end product emerge as the answers to your query.

Paying a price for reduced involvement

Customer Service and communication plays a big part in 3D rendering. If your concerns, information and advice is not being listened to this can cause the whole process to become extremely frustrating. The main problem with this is time for revisions! The price you pay is the cost of you and your clients not being able to meet deadlines.

When working with The 3D Architect, we encourage you to give as much clear information at the start of the job so frustration and revisions can be limited allowing you to have a stress free experience without having to supervise us.

3D Render Cost versus quality.

Ask any 3D rendering company the price for a render, and they will ask for the exact details because publishing costs before knowing the needs of the customer is almost an impossible task and if they don’t, proceed with caution.

High quality 3D render

For an image to reach out to the buyer and interact with them, it needs to have an edge. High quality renders take time and experienced skill.  There will be customers who would happily settle for an inferior quality image at a low price, but we encourage you to contact The 3D Architect for a quote because we usually are just as affordable and provide much more appealing images.

Low Quality 3D Render

Price Guide: From High cost to Low

While marketing that high definition beach resort, bursting with colours, neither overbearing nor understated; with all detailing in place like the in-house swimming pool, the relaxing lounge, happy families involved in activities on the beach, what you need is high quality 3D renderings that could cost you anywhere between 290 AUD to 20,000 AUD Depending on how many views you require and how much detail is in the job. Additionally, who is the target market? Is the 3d visual for town planning or for marketing the property? The point I am trying to make is that it is impossible to give a definite price unless the 3d rendering studio can see what work is involved and quote your exact job.

If you are a buyer who is interested in getting a customised home built for your personal use, 3D rendering prices could be comparatively lower than going for commercial projects that require more details like the number of buildings, play areas, gymnasium, outdoor pools etc. Creating such details would naturally enhance the cost of rendering.

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