“Superb 3D Floor Plans”

Make your plans come to life

Our 3D floor plans are a great way to make your boring CAD drawings come alive. 3D floor plans are a great new method to set your architectural drawings apart from the rest. Black and white 2D drawings often have boring text information that hinders the aesthetics of the house plan, 3D plans do not have any of this unnecessary information.

Why choose The 3D Architect?

  •     We Provide you only the best quality
  •     We’re based in Australia
  •     Want something changed? No problems we will fix it for you
  •     We are Creative and Suggestive
  •     Our advanced equipment makes us Very quick
  •     We’re cost effective

3D floor plans work great with brochures and helping clients who have a hard time visualising from conventional floor plans.


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