“3D Animation & Flythroughs on the move!”

3D Animation & Flythroughs

3D Animation & Flythroughs is a marketing tool use to represent a property in a video.  It is also referred as “walkthrough” as you are like walking inside the property. High-quality 3D animations are classified based from the number of frames per second and of course the render quality. For your information, 3D animation is a compilation of 3D still images played simultaneously in order to produce  a video.

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“3D architectural animations is a very helpful and effective tool for marketing adding extra selling power.”

What to Expect

3D Animation involves a lot of work. For this type of project we constantly inform and update our clients what is going on with the project.  We always make sure that the timeframe we give our clients is achievable without compromising the standard quality that we are producing.

How to start!

For us to be able to start the project, all you have to do is to send us all related files that we would need to start the project such as, the plans, schedule finishes, any special instruction and most importantly the “story board” which will determine the amount of work involve on your project.




Like What You See? We're Just Getting Started

1. Receive & Quote

To get started all you have to do is to create a story board. Basically this is the summary of what you’d like to see on your animation video. This should at least contain basic information such as the camera direction path which you can show by putting some arrows on the plans, some special instructions for those areas you would like to highlight more and essential materials such as the scheduled finishes. Once we have this information we can offer you our lowest quote price.

2. Design & Model

Once you process the 50% initial deposit we’ll start the job immediately. To avoid future revisions on the 3d animation video that may consume a lot of time to process, we will send you some low resolution still renders of each area to confirm the materials and structure. You can make any changes you want here as this is your best opportunity! Once everything is approved we’ll proceed on modeling the 3d animation preview.

3. Discuss & Change

This is the 3D animation preview stage.  On this stage you should be able to see the animation draft. This is basically your 3d animation video but with low resolution and less details. All revisions you may require should be applied before we proceed on the final resolution version.  Charges may apply depending on the revisions you requested. This usually takes 2-3 weeks depending on the video length.

4. Render & Send

The final resolution version will be sent through once all revisions are applied and everything is approved. We can send you up to high definition 1280×720 or you can let us know the size you require.  50% final pay should also be paid before releasing the final resolution version. YAY!

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